Powershop Campaign 2015
Advertising, Digital, Print, Featured

Powershop Campaign 2015 Advertising, Digital, Print, Featured

In a galaxy far, far away was a power company who let you know exactly how much electricity you are using and what it costs so you never receive any nasty bill surprises.

Online power company, Powershop, is on a mission not-impossible to target apathetic power consumers to take control of their electricity usage, costs and environmental impact.

The brief to us was to develop a through-the-line brand extension campaign to solidify its position as a unique alternative in the flooded and fatigued power market.

“People are over power companies.  We have been door-knocked, called and hounded to death, as a consequence we have the highest churning, most cynical electricity market in the world,” says Naomi Morton, Marketing Director, Powershop.

“Trying to convince consumers that you are genuinely different is tough, which is why we wanted a campaign that spoke to people in their real lives – not through typical, lofty energy cliches of green fields and pristine beaches”.

The campaign parodies movie genres – a tactic designed to both appeal to a younger, more socially aware audience and also to establish a framework to link to Powershop's brand proof points of cleaner, cheaper and more empowering power consumption.

The Powershop campaign features large format outdoor, cinema, radio and digital, campaign executions and will be in market from September 2015 – June 2016.

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