Chapel Street Monster Map Wrap

Chapel Street Monster Map Wrap Print

The Spirits of Chapel Street Christmas

Twas the month before Christmas, when all down the strip
the shoppers were scurrying in search of their gifts.

The tinsel was hung in the windows with care,
and new-season goodies displayed everywhere.

But for all of the glimmering red white and green,
this was no ordinary pre-Christmas scene.

For out of the shadows one hot summer night,
came a-creeping the most phantasmagorical sight.

Strange creatures with horns where their ears should have been,
were lurking like visions from out of a dream.

And today, if you spot one adorning the street,
there’s no need to be frightened, or shout out “oh s@#t!”

For these are the Spirits of Chapel Street Christmas you see,
clinging to each nook and cranny and tree.

They’re here to give the precinct a festive face-lift,
and to double as tags for your presents and gifts.


Claude (A.K.A. The Christmas Cyclops)

What Claude lacks in depth perception, he more than makes up for in loveable charm. Likes: telescopes, kaleidoscopes, monocles. Dislikes: binoculars, eye tests, parsley.


Snick and Snark

A delightful monster double act: Snick and Snark are identical twins with very different personalities. Whereas Snick loves everything about Christmas, Snark makes the Grinch look cheerful.



Ivan is part giant, part lizard and all heart. He’s generous to a fault and loves nothing more than giving out presents, whether they belong to him or not. 



More cuddly than creepy, Spook is a happy-go-lucky Poltergeist who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Unless the fly has been stealing his yoghurt. He’s funny about his yoghurt.



A versatile head-dresser, Blub looks great in all kinds of hats. Today, she’s wearing a festive pair of reindeer antlers, but she’d look equally good in a Fedora or a Fez.



Damian, or Damo to his friends, loves nothing more than kicking back after a long day of monstering. He loves movies, but not the scary ones. They remind him too much of work. 

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