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We like to become a part of the furniture – if your furniture was really clever and went home at the end of every day. We ask a million questions, explore heaps of weird left-turns and float dozens of ideas until we settle on whatever will get your message seen and heard in crowded and noisy markets.

It sounds like a bit of a cliché to say, ‘No two jobs are the same’, but there’s truth to it. We go in fresh to every project, get tactical when deadlines are tight, and dive even deeper when long-term projects are put in front of us. We want you to trust us to get it right, and sometimes that also means trusting us to wander into the edges of your brief and come back with something a bit left-of-centre. Structure and processes get stuff done, and bravery and flexibility make it fun.


Rise Up With Self Love

Can a beauty brand change its tune on self-love? We worked with The Body Shop Australia to localise its global brand campaign Rise Up With Self Love – making sure an important message and big investment landed here in Australia.

Building on the global campaign creative, we cast energetic, infectious talent who mean business about self love in Deni Todorovic and Allira Potter, and brought together a stills and video team invested in doing their stories justice.

Talent selection and an evolution of the campaign’s art direction addressed the local team’s concerns about relevance and context. To choose talent we researched and defined the issues and topics getting in the way of young Australians’ self love, and then narrowed our focus to find the perfect fit. We approached stills and video in a way that meant local and global assets could sit side by side, and tell Deni and Allira’s stories in really different environments over the course of a full year.

To take Rise Up With Self Love to consumers, we created and produced the Museum of Self Love. This roving museum tackled another point our research uncovered, that Australians had a limited view of what counts as “self love”. By celebrating intriguingly ordinary objects and their extraordinary meaning, the museum highlighted the self love journeys of Australian influencers and inspired consumers to enter the every day objects that represent their own self love journeys to a digital museum housed on The Body Shop’s website.

By developing the local campaign end to end — choosing talent, shooting stills and video, developing and executing a consumer activation and creating artwork for all media and owned channels — we were able to plan and deliver all of the creative needed for a year long campaign with one shoot.

The result is a locally relevant and integrated iteration of the global campaign, creative that was used by multiple markets around the world and one very fulfilled team. In Australia, the campaign outperformed global KPIs on all fronts, driving a positive increase in the brand metrics of X and Y and we punched above our weight in contribution to the achievement of 1 million acts of self love globally.

The campaign has also been written up on B&T and Adnews