Marilyn is a creative agency in Melbourne. For over 15 years, we’ve used strategy and great design to help brands tell their stories and solve businesses’ stickiest problems.

We like to become a part of the furniture – if your furniture was really clever and went home at the end of every day. We ask a million questions, explore heaps of weird left-turns and float dozens of ideas until we settle on whatever will get your message seen and heard in crowded and noisy markets.

It sounds like a bit of a cliché to say, ‘No two jobs are the same’, but there’s truth to it. We go in fresh to every project, get tactical when deadlines are tight, and dive even deeper when long-term projects are put in front of us. We want you to trust us to get it right, and sometimes that also means trusting us to wander into the edges of your brief and come back with something a bit left-of-centre. Structure and processes get stuff done, and bravery and flexibility make it fun.


Powershop – We Sell It

We worked with Powershop for over five years creating a distinct tone of voice, ownable assets and having a lot of fun.

After a good hard look at past campaigns, we got back to basics to make sure consumers knew who that pink power company is, and why they’re different.

As a 100% carbon neutral power company, committed to changing the power industry, selling Powershop without the tricks of the trade was a no brainer. No crazy discounts that catch up with you later, no endless lines of fine print, just electricity. Plain and simple.

But doing things differently isn’t always easy, so there were times where we needed to really stand out and times where we had to educate customers. We brought “Winky”, Powershop’s trusty mascot, to life during this time, to help us do these jobs and more. We animated him, put some Winky rules in the brand guidelines, and provided Powershop with an important ownable, useful and flexible asset still in use today.