Marilyn is a creative agency in Melbourne. For over 15 years, we’ve used strategy and great design to help brands tell their stories and solve businesses’ stickiest problems.

We like to become a part of the furniture – if your furniture was really clever and went home at the end of every day. We ask a million questions, explore heaps of weird left-turns and float dozens of ideas until we settle on whatever will get your message seen and heard in crowded and noisy markets.

It sounds like a bit of a cliché to say, ‘No two jobs are the same’, but there’s truth to it. We go in fresh to every project, get tactical when deadlines are tight, and dive even deeper when long-term projects are put in front of us. We want you to trust us to get it right, and sometimes that also means trusting us to wander into the edges of your brief and come back with something a bit left-of-centre. Structure and processes get stuff done, and bravery and flexibility make it fun.



Make the most of your space, take only what you need.
Make the most of your time, keep what you need close at hand.
Having all that we need manifests in being light on our feet, not weighed down.

When David Jones picked up this well-established range of products, the team knew they needed to invest in brand to make their mark in this busy retail environment and as they continue to grow.

Building on the elements that had already made the products a success, namely a sharp focus on work and travel and meticulous attention to the details that matter to their customer, the positioning and subsequent visual and verbal identity tell a deeper story rather than a broader one for this range of luxury leather goods.